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SBS Computer Consultancy

SBS Computer Consultancy
SBS Computer Consultancy


SBS Computer Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in 1998 in Sri Lanka as a specialised software solution provider for small and medium sized enterprises. The component of their business involves innovative software development and support services. They approach information technology from an advanced business point of view, which ultimately counts in business for efficiency and profit.

They develop and deliver innovative, easy to use, flexible and affordable business software products and support services. They know the difficulties business owners encounter in their day to day business process, hence they provide them with suitable solutions to meet their requirements and allow them to achieve business success. 


SBSCC Cloud Server - is an online form of computing where you can access your windows accounting software and other applications via internet, while the software is installed and stored (as well as the data) on a secure virtual private cloud server and you can access this server via internet 24x7.

Fully appreciate the benefits that come with the ability to access your windows applications such as MYOB, Peachtree, Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Tally and many other windows applications in real-time via a browser, iPhone, iPAD, Smartphone, Android, Mac and Windows Desktop from anywhere in the world. 


You will receive long-term, high performance access to your windows applications without having to ever buy, maintain or replace an expensive server. 


Cloud servers operate on a very solid infrastructure consisting of Redundant HyperVisors for failover, Enterprise Class fast SAS disks, Redundant Network, etc. Automatic failover feature helps in keeping our SBSCC Cloud server up and accessible from an alternate HyperVisor node if the existing node fails. In such a way, high availability of server is achieved. 

To provide you with the fastest access time, reliability and disaster recovery all servers are housed at intermediary data center in Denver.


Simple Inventory and Point of Sales Software for Small Business Owners

Are you spending more time on counting stock, checking bills rather than selling inventory/stock?

 The right inventory software can provide major time saving benefits. Free up your human resources for more profitable tasks by automating your inventory tracking.  Choosing the appropriate software for your business can even help you eliminate time consuming manual processes by alerting you to which items need to be re-ordered and when.  
 No matter what size your company is, you need to accurately track inventory to maximize your profitability and reduce overhead expenses. SBSCC Stockist Basic POS - inventory software takes the guesswork out of keeping appropriate stock levels and costing. It also allows you to efficiently gather key information needed to make informed and insightful decisions.
 SBSCC Stockist Basic POS business operational software specifically designed for small business owners to manage their inventory more efficiently. Now small business owners can take absolute control of their inventory/stock, purchases, point of sales and returns. 
  SBSCC Stockist Basic POS Edition Features:
  • Easy to use and flexible.
  • Specifically designed for small business owners.
  • Complete inventory/stock management.
  • Manage purchases and goods received note.
  • Manage point of sales.
  • Print invoices, sales receipts and purchase orders.
  • Manage customer/supplier returns.
  • Manage customer/supplier/employee contact list.
  • Manage routine order processing and re-order level.
  • Analyze your business in-depth with over 25 reports.
  • Export sales and purchases journals.
  • Supports Multi-User. 
  • Much more...


The best alternative to Windows Terminal Server and Citrix
SBSCC TSspeedbooster server technology can improve the performance of MYOB, Peachtree, Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Tally and many other windows applications by up to 10 times faster. Fully appreciate the benefits that come with the ability to access these windows applications in real-time via a browser, iPhone, iPAD, Smartphone, Android, Mac and Windows Desktop from anywhere in the world.

"What a freedom for remote access or VPS users. With SBSCC TSspeedbooster, you can make any windows application a web-based application.


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