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Smart Soft

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Smart-Soft is a privately owned software development company specializing in Internet technology solutions.

Smart-Soft has a range of software products that allow businesses to connect, collaborate and communicate securely and to solve the whole spectrum of problems arising when using the Internet.

Their mission is to provide Internet users with high-quality software solutions that guarantee control, economy and protection. We strive to produce useful, simple, yet multipurpose software products and solutions to meet the real business needs of network administrators and network users in companies and organisations of all sizes.

Traffic Inspector

Traffic InspectorTraffic Inspector is an all-in-one software solution for network security, web access control and traffic analysis. It gives you a plethora of tools needed to protect your network, including a secure firewall, a gateway antivirus, a spam filter and anti-phishing facilities. Traffic Inspector lets you control all the traffic that enters and leaves your LAN with web access rules, web content filtering and traffic shaping. Even more, you get policy-based routing and the ability to failover to a backup ISP link if you need to! Last but not least, extensive employee and network traffic monitoring facilities supported by our product allow you to keep close tabs on what your users do when they surf the Web.

As a standalone product, Traffic Inspector is the ultimate application for all your network security and access control needs.
Traffic Inspector

Certified for Windows Server 2012 and Compatible with Windows 8

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Plugin for Traffic Inspector developed in partnership with Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Gate Antivirus scans web and email traffic passing through the integrated web proxy and SMTP gateway respectively. The solution features high speed of operation, a convenient update system and easy-to-understand reports.

Kaspersky Gate Antivirus

Kaspersky Gate Antivirus
Smart-Soft in partnership with Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software development company, developed computer virus protection software - antivirus module Gate Antivirus Powered by Kaspersky (or Kaspersky Gate Antivirus). Kaspersky Gate Antivirus will enable you to accomplish most of the tasks arising when connecting to the Internet:

Check Traffiс
The module scans HTTP and FTP traffic passing through the proxy server and mail traffic transmitted via the SMTP gateway in Traffic Inspector. It treats infected objects, removes and blocks incurable and dangerous files. Using heuristic analysis methods, it detects and blocks files that could do harm to users.

High-Speed Work
The module scans all objects passing through the proxy server and the mail gateway quickly. It does not inconvenience end users.

Convenient Update System
Automatic updating of antivirus protection is done to a configurable schedule. Only new signatures are downloaded, thus reducing the volume of traffic. Manual updating is also possible.

Administration and Reports
It is easy and simple to set up the antivirus module. It is installed and administered in a familiar interface in the Traffic Inspector administration console. A detailed report is created for all viruses or other dangerous programs.

Warning System
When a virus is detected, the module notifies the user of the infected file and all antivirus actions through the Client Agent, proxy server or a report in a mail message, depending on the type of threat.

Reliability and Efficiency
Kaspersky Gate Antivirus was developed using Kaspersky Lab's advanced technology that provides high-quality antivirus security, efficiency of updating and reliability.

Kaspersky Gate AntivirusKaspersky Gate Antivirus

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