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ScannerVision® offers a range of products that aids documents processing and workflows. They take great pride in offering only the best products to their clients and are confident that all users are more than satisfied with the performance and end results delivered by products from ScannerVision®.

The technology and functionality in ScannerVision® is utilised by organisations to facilitate policy-driven data capture and storage. It is designed around the belief that operators should be insulated from the complexities of document processes and policies, in order to increase efficiency, minimise errors and reduce training requirements.

The functionality in ScannerVision® can be categorised into three groups:

  • CAPTURE: File capture via multifunctional, desktop client or existing electronic media (such as TIFF file archive).
  • PROCESS: Image enhancement; form, character and barcode recognition.
  • STORE: Transfer to document storage system or distribution via corporate address book to file server.

Document workflow templates are created centrally (by a system administrator) and automatically distributed to each scanning client connected to the ScannerVision® processing engine, ensuring all users have the correct settings and policies at all times.

ScannerVision® is made up of several components which can be categorised into four sections:

  • Clients: input functions such as desktop, multifunctional embedded and web.
  • Modules: throughput processes such as character, barcode and marks recognition.
  • Connectors: facilitates output to a variety of platforms and document systems.
  • ScannerVision® Processing Engine: application which hosts modules and connectors and communicates with clients.

A document workflow usually starts with a client, if the documents are in hardcopy format.
ScannerVision An example of a simple document distribution workflow
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