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iBario LTD - PerformerSoft

PerformerSoft is a leading software house that was founded in 2010 and since then has brought to the world software like PC optimizer, driver automatic updater, data recovery and more.

They are constantly working on improving their existing software and creating new ones so your computer will be healthier, smarter and easier to operate and control.

They believe that every customer should be able to test their product prior to purchasing it and that is why they always offer their customers to have a free scan so they can analyze their PC’s status, experience the software and decide whether they would like to complete the purchase or not.

Driver PerformerDriver Performer
Keep your Windows up to date while you keep your hardware at peak performance. Use Driver Performer to automatically update your drivers.

Easily, Effortlessly Install all Your Hardware
Driver PerformerDriver Performer ensures you'll never have to spend countless frustrating hours getting your hardware to work right. Driver Performer automatically seeks out and finds the pieces of software--called drivers--that let your devices work properly with Windows.

Avoid Windows Lockups
Driver Performer
Did you know that the wrongs drivers can damage or even ruin Windows? "Driver confusion" happens when Windows finds two current drivers for the same device--and doesn't know which one to use. Driver confusion won't just cause your Windows computer to freeze up several times a day: it can also cause Windows to freeze upon startup, forcing you to re-install Windows (and loose all of your saved music and other files!). Driver Performer makes sure you have only the right drivers that you need or your devices--never conflicted drivers that will cause Windows to freeze or crash.

Driver PerformerEliminate Problems from Second-Hand Hardware
Buying used printers, graphics cards, and other devices can result in unexpected problems. Your computer may not recognize the device, and the old owner didn't provide you with an installation CD. With Driver Performer, you'll never worry about missing installation CDs again!

Driver PerformerOptimize Your Graphics Card
The latest drivers enhance functionality of your hardware. Driver Performer updates yours on a regular basis to make your graphics card even better.

Driver PerformerSpend Your Time Having Fun Instead of Fixing Driver Problems!
Driver Performer automatically updates yours drivers so that you don't have to worry about it!
You'll never have to spend all afternoon fishing on the manufacturer's site again. Simply set Driver Performer to run every time you start your computer. You'll get all the driver updates you need, every time you switch your computer on.

Multilingual Support
Driver PerformerDriver Performer's Interface is customizable, and you can receive support in any of the following langages: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Chinese.

PC PerformerPC Performer
Speed up your PC, enhance its performance, and get rid of registry errors. Prevent system crashes and improve response time.

PC Performer
Increase System Speed
Eliminate errors in the registry to increase the response times of your applications. Open programs faster and spend less time waiting.
PC Performer
Improve Operations
PC PerformerRemove the clutter from your registry to improve the performance of your entire system. Enjoy smoother operations without downtime.

Enhance Stability
Fix registry errors on a regular basis to minimize crashes, runtime errors, and blue screens. Benefit from a more stable work environment.

PC Performer

Decrease Error Messages
Avoid frequent Windows error notifications by cleaning your registry at regular intervals.

PC Performer

Perform Scans with Ease
Scan your registry for errors with only a few clicks. Fix any problems found automatically without any extra effort.

PC Performer

Clean the Registry Safely
PC Performer creates a backup of your registry before fixing errors or making changes. Feel secure in knowing that you won't lose any data during registry cleanings.

To learn more about their FREE software (Audio, Video, Pdf, Media and ZIP Performers) follow this link.

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