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Find and download everything like BT (BitTorrent), HTTP/FTP, web videos, web images at high speed with NO hassle. Share your files and your demo videos with other people over the Internet.

Record your desktop/screen motion and sound into video to present and to share. Record any sound from your PC or microphone into MP3. Support adding customized screen annotations while recording.

Embedded express conversion from streaming video to MP4, MP3 and iPhone/iPod formats for playback. Plugin support for converting different audio and video formats with customized parameters.

Search and Download

  •  Embedded P2P search engine support allows you to search and download anything from most popular P2P search engines
  •  Embedded web video search engine support allows you to search, preview and download web video on the Internet
  •  Simple click to download any file you find - zero need for any BitTorrent or P2P knowledge
  •  Easily download web images to your gallery
  •  Support searching via Sock5/HTTP proxy

BitTorrent Download and Share

  •  Preview capability - allows you to play media file while it is being dowloaded
  •  Fast resume - resume task quickly without checking file integrity from the beginning
  •  Adjust download/upload bandwidth limit for all tasks or for individual task
  •  Support downloading only specified files within a Torrent
  •  Create your own Torrent for seeding - share your own files over P2P networks
  •  Schedule tasks or shutdown computer at specified time
  •  Look up for peer location
  •  Block particular peer or multiple IP ranges
  •  Support downloading via Magnet URI and Info-hash
  •  Web brower integration for Magnet protocol
  •  Support both HTTP and UDP trackers
  •  Support multiple trackers
  •  Support DHT protocol - trackerless Torrent
  •  Support router NAT and UPnP
  •  Support LSD (Local service discovery) - discover peers within the same local network
  •  Support task queue management
  •  Support super seeding - initial seeding
  •  Support private Torrent
  •  Support web seeding - HTTP seeding
  •  Support Sock5/HTTP proxy for connecting trackers, DHT networks and/or peers
  •  Support encrypting/decrypting data streams
  •  Support disk caching management
  •  Support user commenting and rating
  •  Support URL clipboard monitoring
  •  Support drag/drop

HTTP/FTP Download

  •  Intelligent multiple splitting support greatly boosts download speed
  •  Support downloading with multiple mirror URLs to boost download speed
  •  Preview capability allows you to play media file while it is being dowloaded
  •  Support looking up for URL host location
  •  Support downloading via Sock5/HTTP proxy
  •  Support authentication, rename and file tag/description
  •  Failure retry mechanism
  •  Support URL clipboard monitoring
  •  Support user commenting and rating

Web Image Download

  •  Extract and download all web images from web pages to your gallery
  •  Support JPG/JPEG/GIF/PNG image formats
  •  Support downloading images with customized sizes
  •  Support zoom in/out preview
  •  Support web browser integration

Desktop Audio/Video and Camera Audio/Video Recording (Windows only)

  •  Record your desktop/screen motion and sound into video to present and to share
  •  Support recording either full screen or selected desktop/screen areas
  •  Support seamlessly inserting customized screen annotations while recording for better presentation
  •  Record any sound from your PC or microphone into MP3
  •  Capture camera video and audio
  •  Support customized recording and capturing parameters adjustment for professional use
  •  Support shortcut operations
  •  Currently, these features are only supported on Windows platforms

MP4/FLV (Flash) Web Video Playback

  •  Embedded MP4/FLV (Flash) video player allows you to play downloaded web videos
  •  Integrated into SoMud - download, preview and play operations are streamlined
  •  Support drag/drop

File Integrity Verification

  •  Verify file integrity based on its hash
  •  Generate hash for specified file
  •  Supported hash algorithms: MD4, MD5 and SHA-1
  •  Support drag/drop

Audio/Video Format Conversion

  •  Plugin support for converting any audio and video format
  •  Support for multiple files conversion
  •  Support for customized parameters adjustment
  •  Support drag/drop

Parental Control and Virus Scan

  •  Support parental control to filter specified keywords and lock specified content
  •  Support integrating third-party anti-virus software to scan downloaded files

AP Suggestor

  •  Support search engine keywords suggestion
  •  Support video and image suggestion
  •  Support similar sites and answers suggestion
  •  Support shopping comparison
  •  Support facebook and twitter suggestion
  •  For more information, please check here

Cross-platform Support

  •  SoMud currently supports operating systems for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X

Multi-language User Interfaces and Encoding Support

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