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Decompiler Tools
Sothink SWF Decompiler (Windows and Mac version) - Convert SWF to FLA/FLEX/HTML5
Sothink SWF Decompiler
  • Dedicated to SWF decompile for over 10 years
  • Better accuracy and performance in Flash SWF decompile
  • The first and only SWF Decompiler to support XFL & HTML5
  • Support Flash CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6 and ActionScript 2.0/3.

Recover FLA from SWF - Easily convert SWF to Flash document (*.fla)

  • Easy to recover FLA from SWF or convert SWF made by FLEX back to FLEX source code.
  • SWF Decompiler V7.4 supports Flash CS6 and can easily decompile SWF containing TLF text. Compatible with Win8.

Convert Flash to HTML5 - Play Flash movies in HTML5 compatible browsers

  • Convert Flash SWF to HTML5 files, and then you can play it normally in HTML5 compatible browsers.
  • Enable visitors to enjoy your Flash movies on PC, iPad, iPhone and other devices that support HTML5.

Extract All SWF Elements - Extract almost all SWF elements for reuse

  • One-click to extract preferred SWF elements from existing SWF files to enrich your own Flash design resources.
  • You can extract shapes, images, sounds (*.mp3 or *.wav), videos (*.flv), fonts, texts, buttons, sprites, ActionScript, etc.

Capture Tools
Sothink SWF Catcher - Advanced Flash Capture & Flash Saver.

Sothink SWF CatcherThe professional SWF grabber helps you detect and capture all Flash SWF around from different browsers cache, local files and current process separately. Want to get SWF from local apps and online social web sites? Ultimate Flash SWF downloader gives you a quick hand.

Capture Flash SWF You Watched
Flash CaptureDetect and download all Flash SWF files. Save Flash SWF into local machine, from Flash banner to Flash game. You won’t miss any Flash files watched with the Flash catcher. With this smart Flash saver, you can get any Flash and make Flash capture process as simple experience.

Save Flash SWF from Cache
Flash capture from cacheGrab all Flash SWF from browser cache, IE, Firefox and Chrome are supported. No need to remember the URL since it will follow your path to keep track of all Flash SWF automatically. You just need to press Browser Cache to spy Flash SWF from viewing record of IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Search Flash SWF from Local Files
Flash capture from local filesScan Flash SWF in executable files from local machine, including AIR, APK, Flash EXE and SWC. Are you interested in Flash used in games or other applications on Android? If you have owned the relevant Android package (APK) on local, it can grab Flash SWF from it. Handy and fast.

Spy Flash SWF in Process
Flash capture in processThe smart Flash SWF downloader can run detection in any of current process after you clicked on Process Capture button. You can select different section in the process. When all Flash SWF has been listed in Flash SWF catcher, select to get instant preview. Press Save File to extract SWF.

Animation Tools
Sothink SWF Quicker - SWF Maker & Editor for Flash Animators

Sothink SWF Quicker
  • Build Flash from blank canvas or edit existing SWF directly, without FLA.
  • Publish animation into multiple media types. SWF, EXE, GIF are included.
  • Export simple animation as HTML5, based on HTML and Javascript.
  • Guide you to Flash world through quick and simple workflow.

Sothink SWF Easy - Flash Banner Maker

Sothink SWF Easy
  • Make Flash Banners in Three Steps Only
  • Get inspiration from 80+ built-in templates. Cover eight colors and four sizes.
  • Apply 60+ animated effects. Adjust effect duration by dragging on Timeline.
  • Friendly interface with searchable resource & main or auxiliary scenes.
  • Publish animation into multiple media types. Easy and fast.

Sothink SWF Editor - View Tag Source by SWF Hex Editor

Sothink SWF Editor
  • Open SWF/GLS file as a tag tree
  • Fast locate target tag values
  • Easily change tag values as needed
  • Obscure search desired content
  • Preview individual tag node of SWF

Who Need Sothink SWF Editor?
Sothink SWF Editor is designed mainly for following users to fast edit SWF/GLS files. With Sothink SWF Editor, you can get rid of the complicated Adobe Flash tool to execute changes. Instead, you only need to open the SWF/GLS in SWF Editor, and then fast locate the target tag value and change it as needed. That's All!

Flash related developers who need to debug project by digging into
the tag values or binary data of SWF/GLS files occasionally.

Flash designers
Experienced Flash designers who want to edit SWF/GLS elements more
efficiently by directly changing the tag values in SWF/GLS files.

Flash novices and Flash fans
Flash lovers who just feel interested to learn the Flash technology
and take a deep look at every SWF/GLS file.

Logo Design Tools
Logo Maker Professional (also available in Basic version)

Logo Maker Professional
  • Make Your Business Logo
  • Put Your Logo On Business Card, T-shirt, anywhere
  • Create The Logo for Your Signature
  • Get Your Logo in 1 Minute Now

Web Design Tools

Sothink DHTML Menu
Sothink DHTML Menu

Create SE friendly drop down menu, JavaScript menu for web navigation without coding. Build DHTML menus that work in all browsers with rich templates and preset styles. Free integration enables you to add menus to webpage using existing HTML editors.

Sothink Flash Menu
Sothink Flash MenuFlash Menu builder creates attractive & amazing cross-browser Flash drop down menu in clicks. Built-in templates, fascinating Flash menu with special effects, diverse preset styles and image library, make SE friendly Flash menus without Flash and ActionScript skills. Fully customize web menu style. Intuitive interface included in Flash menu builder to get better user experience.

Sothink Tree Menu
Sothink Tree Menu is a professional menu tree builder. The collapsible menu maker integrates with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Golive. Building cross-browser menu tree becomes very simple.

Sothink Menu Templates create website-matching DHTML menus in easy, effective way on the base of pre-made templates.

JavaScript Web Scroller
JavaScript Web Scroller
Creates attractive and functional scrollers for ads, events, news, slide shows in minutes! JavaScript experience is NOT required. Built-in templates, image library provide rich resources. Supports all major browsers. Database supported. FREE add-ins for DW, FP, EW and Golive.

Sothink offers above mentioned software in bundle deals and also bunch of free tools.

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