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PhiBase Technologies

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PhiBase Technologies is one of the most respected developers of Expert Advisors in the Forex trading community. PhiBase also provides members with regular technical reports based on important events or additional information which would help them understand the trading system better. PhiBase has one of the best customer support in the industry.

At PhiBase, they believe that developing a good product is just one part of the success story.

Building the customer confidence in the trading system is very important. Their product websites present the detailed strategy test reports, live forward tests, statistical analysis, complete description of trading strategy built into the system. They continue providing useful additional information to their members by publishing periodic technical reports on various topics.

All PhiBase products are backed by their world class support center. PhiBase HelpDesk responds to emails from any part of the globe within 6 hours.

All three aspects and their customer centric business model goes into making Phibase Technologies as one of the most reliable Forex EA developers in the world.
PhiBase Synergy V4 PhiBase Synergy V4

has been developed based on harmonic price patterns that are formed at important Fibonacci levels. Pattern recognition technology used in speech recognition has been used to make predictive recognition a reality. PhiBase Synergy has adapted speech recognition technology for use in Forex trading - The system trades normalized harmonic price pattern in the form of the basic ABCD - It basically trades very pattern leg which occur commonly on the H1 time frame. The EA uses a unique technology that enable the EA to recognize various price patterns/actions using an abstract model template. The EA creates a price action model by normalizing the price action, adjusts it to a constant level eliminating the differences cause by different price action ranges. The price model is also time adjusted to remove the differences introduced by slow and fast moving markets.

Synergy V4 trades Breakouts/Fallouts and price reversals. Synergy has an intelligent and professional trade management system that locks in profits and limits losses to keep drawdowns at a reasonable levels and never puts your account at any risk of blow out. Detailed description of the EA's features is available on our Trading Strategy Page. Read More about Synergy EA Trading Strategy.

Ray Scalper

Ray ScalperRay Scalper

Ray Scalper is the result of our research in the field of ray tracing and efforts to enable implementation of the concepts into Forex trading. this EA has been developed keeping in mind the requirement of short term gains of most traders. Ray Scalper provides good portfolio diversification since its trading strategy is completely different from any other EA currently available commercially.

Ray Scalper is based on the concept of ray tracing. Support/Resistances are calculated using Fibonacci levels, weekly classical pivots and other standard methods. These levels are considered as objects. The EA close of every 15 minute bar the EA shoots out rays in both long and short directions. The default target price (H1 ATR) is placed at distance about 6 hours. Rays which were able to reach the target without cutting across any support/resistance levels are considered for trading. The EA opens a long or short trade based on the best possible ray's direction. Stoploss is placed at 4x the H1 ATR. This allows the EA enough room to close trades which does not work immediately in its favor.


CabEX EACabEX is designed to trade GBPUSD on the H1 time frame. The trading strategy is based on elimination of noise by considering only the H1 close for most part of the strategy. Hourly High/Low values are considered for calculating the ranges, but trade management is based on closing values only. This effectively filters away most part of the noise.
The startegy is based on price action near moving averages - The EA identifies potential trends and reversals moves. Protective SL is placed on the server side at 300 pips and TP is set at 500 pips. These levels are very rarely allowed to be touched. The EA uses a hidden stoploss at 100 pips. Close below the hidden SL will close the trade. The hidden TP is at 300 pips. The EA has a very dynamic trailing SL system which moves the hidden SL to breakeven when the gain is above 50 pips. When the trade gains 100 pips, the hidden TSL is set to 50 pips. The levels are adjusted for every 50 pips. The EA attempts to give maximum space for the trade to work its way towards higher gains and attain a risk:reward of 1:2 - This is very important part of the strategy.

iProfit HFT EA
iProfit HFT EA

iProfit HFT is a high frequency trading EA.
The trading strategy is based on trading a Pairs with high correlation simultaneously with pairs which have low/medium/negative correlation. A single strategy is employed for the trade entry. iProfit HFT is powered by a simple fast learning Neural Network module which predicts the next H1 bar High/Low values. Prediction is based on past 48 hours H1 bars only and does not include static pre-stored NN learning files.

Very Active Trader, Excellent Success Rate, Great Trade Management.
50 to 100 trades per month, Averages 200 pips on a monthly basis.

Trade entry is made at/near High and Low. The system has a success rate of 65% average gain size : 18 pip and average loss size is 25 pips. We recommend broker accounts with lowest possible spreads on all the traded pairs – live Performance tests shows that the EA performs better on brokers like Sensus Capital, AXI Trader, IC Markets and Excel Markets. We recommend Sensus Capital "c" feed since the data feed and execution is seen to be excellent for trading with iProfit HFT.

All Phibase Products are of highest quality and backed by world class support.

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