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Markzware, a California USA based company, is a software publisher with expertise in the worldwide graphics, printing and publishing industries.

Founded in 1992, Markzware was created by Patrick Marchese and Ron Crandall, and Markzware incorporated in 1995. They started with a dream of a superior quality control product for designers and printers which created the preflight industry. 1996 saw the company’s first footprint in Europe, and in 1998, a separate company, Markzware B.V., was created in The Netherlands.

In the fall of 1995, Markzware applied for U.S. Patent # 5,963,641 for the “Device and method for examining, verifying, correcting and approving electronic documents prior to printing, transmission or recording.” Markzware’s flagship product, FlightCheck®, is the embodiment of that patent. FlightCheck dominates the industry it created, serving thousands of professional creative design agencies, printers and publishers worldwide.

Today, Markzware expands its line of affordable data conversion and preflighting tools. Their objective is developing tools that work and that provide superb value for their customers. Ease of use and day-to-day labor reduction are key design factors.

Markzware products help industry minimize environmental impact by repurposing content, reducing reprinting and providing file recovery to reduce ink, chemical, paper and electrical consumption.

Markzware products include FlightCheck (Preflight for Print), PDF2DTP (Edit PDF in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress), PageZephyr (Desktop Search), Q2ID (QuarkXPress to InDesign), PUB2ID (Publisher to InDesign), ID2Q (InDesign to QuarkXPress), and more.

FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)


  • Preflight InDesign CS-CC, QuarkXPress 3.x-9.x, and more DTP file types
  • Check both Adobe PDF and non-PDF files
  • Scan, report and collect the entire job
  • Native applications are not required

PDF2DTP for InDesign and PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress


  • Convert PDF to Adobe InDesign CS5-CS6 or CC or QuarkXPress 8.5-9.x
  • Use one-click conversion to quickly and simply convert PDFs
  • Convert one or more pages at a time
  • Edit PDF text in a familiar, efficient page layout program

PageZephyr (Desktop Search)

  • Index archived data within Apple Macintosh storage volumes
  • Search within Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Microsoft Publisher files
  • Edit content search results within a convenient Storyboard Window
  • Easily extract text to plain text, Rich Text Format or a WordPress blog

Q2ID (QuarkXPress to InDesign)


  • Convert QuarkXPress 3.3-9.x (QuarkXPress 10 coming soon)
  • to Adobe InDesign CS5-CS6 or CC (Creative Cloud) files
  • Quickly and simply convert QXP files
  • Eliminate time re-creating content
  • Install easily

Pub2ID (Publisher to Adobe InDesign)

  • Convert Microsoft Publisher 2002-2010 files
  • to Adobe InDesign CS6 files
  • Quickly and simply convert PUB files
  • Eliminate time re-creating content
  • Install easily

ID2Q (Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress)


  • Convert Adobe InDesign CS2-CS6 (v3-v8) files
  • to QuarkXPress 9.x files (QuarkXPress 10 coming soon)
  • Quickly and simply convert INDD files
  • Eliminate time re-creating content
  • Install easily

source of information: markzware.com
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