Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Gorilla Contact - bulk email marketing: bulk mailing services & software

Gorilla Contact

GorillaContact is the best bulk email software for creating, sending & tracking your email newsletters.
GorillaContact bulk email services are offered as both web based and downloadable versions. Both versions comes with 100% INBOX delivery guaranteed SMTP Servers in background.

  • Integrated with Professional Smtp Servers in USA Datacenter through which we offer over 98.2% INBOX Delivery rates.
  • Multiple SMTP / IP rotation to reduce effect of spam complaints
  • Over 400 free built-in email templates
  • Compose & Send Personalized HTML email for each subscriber
  • Create website forms & automatically download data into email lists.
  • LIVE Email delivery tracking (opens,clicks,geo location etc)
  • Scheduled mailing, spam score checker & blacklists
  • Advanced Mailing List Management & Filters
  • Automated unsubscriptions & bounced messages handling
  • Built in SMTP Server & Email Verifier
  • Integrated with Google Analytics for Sales / Conversion Tracking
  • Social sharing with linked in, twitter , facebook etc.
  • Trusted bulk mailing service spread over 33 countries with more than 9500 customers operational since year 2009.
  • White label software solution for young entrepreneurs to start their own email marketing business with zero investment using our technology.

Boxxer Email Extractor

  • Collect Email Addresses, PHONE, FAX Numbers from various sources :
  • Search Engines Using Given Keywords: Eg-"Hotels in California"
  • Websites: Extract data from all pages of a website/ list of websites
  • Website Owners Directory based on keywords (WHO-IS Registry)
  • Any local files/folders, MSSql, MySql, MS Access databases.
  • Your email accounts: MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc

Boxxer Email/Phone/Fax Extractor is the best lead generator designed to extract email addresses, PHONE/FAX numbers, from various sources: Keywords using search engines - For eg: if you give "Hotels in California" as keyword, it will extract phone numbers & email ids of all hotels in California. Website owners directory (Who-is registry) based on given keyword. Local files like .txt,.php,.doc etc, All inside pages of entire websites like, MS Sql, MySql, MS Access databases and from your address list from MS Outlook/ Outlook express or any POP3 email accounts like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, email account provided by your hosting provider etc. 
Boxxer online email extractor is a great tool for creating your prospect customers contact list. It acts like an email spider which crawls through the pages and add thousands of e-mail addresses to your contact list within few minutes. Speed Approx 200 emails per minute.

Boxxer is the best email extractor software which also validates the extracted email addresses and removes invalid/dead emails using the built-in email verifier component. Boxxer email address extractor is of great help in collecting the email ids & Phone/Fax numbers automatically at a speed of 200 emails per minute. You can download boxxer email extractor free edition and test if it works for you. To get more power in functionality & speed, please upgrade to Pro Edition. Boxxer email extractor online is rated as #1 email harvester software of the year 2013 by softpedia. There are over 600 downloads per day for this email hunter tool, Download your free copy today.

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