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losLab is devoted to developing Delphi PDF component and PDF tools software. Our products include Delphi PDF creation library /component for Delphi /C++builder and custom-built PDF tools.

Easy create and modify PDF documents with Delphi & C++Builder.

HotPDF Delphi PDF component is a Delphi and C++ Builder component for creating PDF documents. HotPDF does not use any DLL or other software to create PDF files.

HotPDF VCLHotPDF allows you create or load existing PDF files and edit them in the following manner:

HotPDF VCLPrint text and draw on an existing PDF document using it as a canvas; 
Add audio, video and text annotations;
Change the size and resolution of specific pages and the whole document;
Add, delete and copy pages;
Encrypt the document;
Edit the document properties.

Key Features

  •     supporting add vector and raster graphics into PDF documents
  •     protect PDF documents with password
  •     supporting acroforms /PDF forms
  •     watermarks, outlines
  •     generating PDF documents with internal and external links, web links, page links, bookmarks
  •     full support Unicode characters
  •     editing and creating JavaScript functions
  •     full font embedding, text formatting, multi-column text, predefined code pages
  •     supporting canvas (HDC), you can draw and display text as well as copy to and from other   classes supporting canvas
  •     built-in text and picture compression feature makes it easy to reduce file size to minimum
  •     multi-column printing
  •     TIFF to PDF converting
  •     paragraph and justification feature gives detailed control over text printing

  *  For detailed functions and questions, please refers to HotPDF online help.

HotXLS Delphi Excel Component


Easy to read and write Excel .xls files, directly, quickly!

HotXLS Excel Read Write Library is a high-performance excel read-write component for Delphi and C++Builder, it can writing new Excel spreadsheets, as well as reading and modifying existing Excel xls files.

HotXLS is written in Object Pascal, it does not require Microsoft Excel /Office be installed, it reads and writes excel files directly. 
Key Features

  •     read excel file and write new or existing excel file, reading encrypted excel file (password protected)
  •     access cell values, including number, string, date, boolean and Excel formula
  •     built-in calculation engine support formula computing
  •     support cell attributes: orientation, alignment, borders, comments, background attributes
  •     merge /copy /move /delete /insert range of cells, support group rows and columns
  •     support font attributes: font, font size/color/decoration
  •     support bmp, emf, wmf, jpeg, png, ico images
  •     support unicode characters, manipulate excel files written in any languages
  •     support hyperlinks, support Excel defined names
  •     support worksheet attributes: name, protection, selection, outline, and others
  •     support printing attributes: page size, orientation, margins, header, footer, page breaks
  •     exporting workbooks and worksheets to HTML, RTF and CSV files
  •     exporting Database tables or DBGrid to Excel, HTML or RTF files
  •     easy migration from OLE-based projects to our HotXLS solution
  •     high performance, low memory and CPU usage, easy to use

 *  For detailed functions and questions, please refers to HotXLS online help.

All-in-one PDF toolkit software

Soda PDF Professional
Soda PDF Professional + OCR, the more advanced PDF toolkit.

Open, create, edit, convert and secure PDF documents quickly and easily with this full-featured PDF software. Increase your efficiency with improved editing functions, a vast array of collaboration and annotation tools designed to make working with others a breeze.

Key Features

  •     Open, view and print PDF files
  •     View any PDF file in 3D without transformation of the file
  •     Create PDF from Word, Excel and other 300+ formats
  •     Convert PDF to Word, HTML & image
  •     Find text with smart search function
  •     Use professional templates & create forms
  •     Automatic Document Comparison
  •     Encrypt PDF files & manage digital signatures
  •     Collaborate easily with annotation tools
  •     Extract pages of a PDF for use elsewhere
  •     Split PDF documents into multiple smaller PDF files
  •     Most accurate OCR technology on the market
  •     Turn scanned documents into editable & searchable PDF documents
  •     Reconstruction of document structure and formatting, including fonts, styles, header & footer, etc.
  •     Automatic & Manual recognition, Batch recognition, Page range recognition
  •     Supports 184 recognition languages, including 36 languages with dictionary
  •     User-friendly interface, 100% compatible with any PDF file

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