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In the 21st century people are drowning in information. Email, instant messaging, news feeds, and of course the web. A small group of developers has taken up the fight: us.
DEVONtechnologies are developing apps based on their unique artificial intelligence technology that tame the beast. They all are Mac users by heart and are writing solely on the Mac and for OS X and iOS.

DEVONagent - Your smart (re)search assistants

Search the web like never before.
DEVONagent Pro queries all major and minor search engines, weeds out all the junk, and presents the really good stuff nicely ranked the way you want.

Web search the way it should be. Nothing more, nothing less.
DEVONagent Express puts web search where it belongs: right next to Spotlight in the menu bar. Or use its keyboard shortcut, instead of reaching for the mouse.
You still have to type your query yourself, though.

It's not about search. It's about productivity.
You are already busy writing, creating, researching. Let DEVONagent Pro assist you by providing you with the data you need and the best tools on the Mac for working with it.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and more: At your service with a keystroke
DEVONagent Lite puts all your favorite search engines right next to Spotlight in the bar. One click or the press of a keyboard shortcut, and you can start typing your query.
Where's the catch? There is none. Like every entry-level drug it's even free.

DEVONagent Pro
DEVONagent Pro - All features, all options
  •     Fully featured search assistant
  •     Specialized web browser
  •     Saved searches
  •     Built-in archive
  •     Multiple views
  •     Many export and report option

DEVONagent Express
DEVONagent Express - The smart choice
  •     Search from your menu bar
  •     Use the best engine for the job
  •     Express mode gets results fast
  •     Agent mode filters junk
  •     Lists results in the menu
  •     Preview pop-up
DEVONagent Lite
DEVONagent Lite - One-click web search (for free)
  •     Search from your menu bar
  •     Global keyboard shortcut
  •     Use the best engine for the job
  •     Over 70 engines supported
  •     Works with your browser
  •     Free!

DEVONsphere - Desktop and web intelligence

Make your Mac smarter
Find documents, messages, or web pages related or similar to whatever you're just working on. Get a creativity boost by seeing connections that you haven't seen before yourself

Search your Mac with confidence and precision
DEVONsphere Express finds precisely the files or other items you're looking for on your computer. If it's there, you'll know where in no time.
Use advanced operators, wildcards, and parentheses to narrow your search. Easily navigate the results and view thumbnails or previews.

Build your own Intranet search engine
DEVONsphere Server indexes files and websites and provides you and your users with a smart and fast way to search them.

DEVONsphere Express
DEVONsphere Express - Make your Mac smarter

  •     Find related or similar documents, messages, web pages
  •     Search your Mac like with Spotlight on steroids
  •     Automatically focuses on what you're working on
  •     Also works with your selection, dropped items, or services
  •     Instant results, no need to keep your files in a database
  •     Works with most common Mac apps and file formats

DEVONsphere Server
DEVONsphere Server - Web search, relevant and fast

  •     Smart and lean index, ultra-fast indexing and processing
  •     Advanced search operators, wildcards, fuzzy search
  •     Cleverly filters content by what it is, contains, or links to.
  •     Results enriched with smart and AI based functionality
  •     Gives access to all found results, sortable result lists
  •     Flexible output options (HTML, XML, RSS, JSON)

DEVONthink - Information management reinvented

Collect, store, work: Your Mac paperless office
DEVONthink saves all your documents, keeps them organized, and recalls them whenever you need them.
Now there's no need to store Office files, PDFs, bookmarks or other information in separate apps.

Let someone else remember all the details
DEVONthink is smart. It not only searches all your documents almost instantaneously, it also finds connections between them, extracts the most relevant topic words, or files documents automatically.

Invite your friends using Windows or Linux
Share your databases on a local network on even the Internet using DEVONthink Pro Office's built-in web server.
A password lets your team mates in and keeps prying eyes out.

DEVONthink Pro Office
DEVONthink Pro Office - The all-in-one choice

  •     The paperless office solution
  •     All features of the Pro edition
  •     Plus: Scanning and OCR
  •     Plus: ScanSnap support
  •     Plus: Email archiving
  •     Plus: Web sharing

DEVONthink Pro
DEVONthink Pro - The professional's choice

  •     All features of the Personal edition
  •     Plus: Create multiple databases
  •     Plus: Sheets, smart templates
  •     Plus: Auto-grouping, concordance
  •     Plus: Download manager
  •     Plus: Scripting support

DEVONthink Personal
DEVONthink Personal  - The smart choice

  •     Manage files, notes, bookmarks
  •     Capture with a single click
  •     Edit text, images, annotate PDFs
  •     Multiple views, fullscreen mode
  •     Automatic filing, advanced search
  •     GTD®, inbox-based workflow

DEVONthink To Go
DEVONthink To Go - The mobile professional's choice

  •     Edit rich text on the go
  •     Take notes, capture bookmarks
  •     View even large PDF documents
  •     Search the full text of your files
  •     Syncs via WiFi, even works offline
  •     For DEVONthink, DEVONnote

DEVONnote - Your smart notebook

Your thoughts and ideas are valuable. DEVONnote keeps them and provides you with unique tools and artificial intelligence so that you can focus on things that really matter: creating even more ideas.
  • Focus on thinking not organizing
  • Keep your notes together in one place
  • Build your personal wiki
  • Seamlessly mix notes and live data from the web

MyThoughts - Mind mapping the Mac way


Discover the easy way to create beautiful, engaging, and brain-friendly mind maps that follow best-practice techniques for effective mind mapping.
  • Easily create beautiful mind maps
  • Use colors, shapes, and images
  • Clean, uncluttered user interface
  • Takes full advantage of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Hints and tips - E-Books are available for you:


Products are also offered in bundles should you are interested in more of them for better prize.
Infoworker's Pro Bundle
Contains: DEVONagent Pro - 3, DEVONthink Pro - 2
Infoworker's Pro Office Bundle
Contains: DEVONagent Pro - 3, DEVONthink Pro Office - 2
Express Bundle
Contains: DEVONagent Express - 1, DEVONsphere Express - 1
Home Office Bundle
Contains: DEVONagent Express - 1, DEVONsphere Express - 1, DEVONthink Personal - 2

You can of course read more and download trials from DEVONtechnologies page

There is 5% discount on all products on until end of the October 2013.

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